The Best is Yet to Come







Things CAN be tweaked, pivoted, adjusted, fixed, revamped, rehashed and even revised.

So if your marketing efforts aren’t working as it should or you think they should do better, there are always opportunities to change things around.

And essentially, in marketing, you must never lose sight of the ultimate objective.               

Which is to make your product or service desirable for purchase.

In another word:


Because that is what a good piece of copy, or marketing communications plan ought to do. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to get you sold, for his or her own benefit.

Now how will I help you transform your marketing efforts to become customer - oriented and sales driven?

Step 1: Groundwork
Understanding what you offer, your target market and your business processes this is key to keep things genuine and authentic
Step 2: Marketing Audit
Analyse your current marketing efforts, including what’s working and what’s not helps identify gaps and bright spots
Step 3: Proposal
Develop a marketing communications framework; from leads to making the sale this is the plan attuned to your objectives
Step 4: Craft
Write all content for every consumer touchpoint, across all channels and media I actually do the work, not just lip service
Step 5: Implement
Oversee the execution of Design, UI and UX, and thereafter monitor implementation helps to ensure consistency and effectiveness

Hey! What about just copywriting?

Copywriting still is and will always be my first love. Just don’t tell that to my wife. So yea, I still do take in copywriting-only projects, should you desire.

But you know, after 20 years of hard-knock advertising, marketing, branding, digital, social and business experience, I can offer so much more.

Whether to create a plan from scratch or complement what’s already in motion, I can see the bigger picture that your business needs to be customer-centric, competitive and profitable.

So you can say conceiving an entire marketing plan that gears businesses for growth is sort of my second love. Again, don’t tell that to my wife, please.


Essentially, I create time for you to focus on what matters

I get it.

It’s your baby and you want to be involved in every single step, as you should. But you alone can’t be doing the A to Zs of every business-critical aspect of your enterprise.

You must constantly be able to take a step back, audit and make insightful decisions for growth. Something you won’t be able to do effectively with short-lived focus, because as we all know, there will always be countless nitty-gritty issues that sucks your attention across your business ecosystem.

Your attention is your time to do the real work; to keep your customers happy and your business rocking. And that’s what really matters.

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