One Year On

I never wanted to believe the little creatures that would keep whispering in my ears. “Go easy on your meds!”  I’d say.

This week marks my full year of being self-employed. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but holy crap how time flies!

My fugly little inner voices, don't be fooled by their charm...

The little creatures are of course not real, they are more like my inner voices. Yes, I said voices, with an ‘S’. Seriously, the kind of baloney that goes on in my head will leave you gasping for air.

Anyway, these creatures have been insisting that I quit the rat race and plunge into the dog-eat-dog world of self-employment. I finally relented around 12 months ago, after years of annoying pressure. Damn you creatures!

Even when I did give in to the inner pressure, I gave myself 6 months. I figured I’d be scurrying back to the sanity of a fulltime copywriting  job in no time. Just like how a rat would sprint toward his hole in the wall at the first sign of trouble.

But it didn’t happen; though I’ve contemplated it during numerous lean periods over the past year.

This is no declaration of victory though. I am still only giving myself another 6 months. Thinking too far ahead only makes a person overconfident I’ve learned.

To my fugly little creatures, I’m sorry for not believing in you guys. And please, forget the meds and let’s bring out the bubbly.

The Sale Is On!

I’ve helped sell many things in my years as a copywriter; from loans and LCD TVs to toilet seats and trucks. Now, I am about to embark on the ‘sale’ of my life – myself.

I have recently liberated myself from the rat race and made the plunge into self-employment thanks to a couple of old friends; and now unofficial partners at 1am Studio. Not having a job is quite liberating but also comes with its own set of pressures; like having to market myself and the new business to potential clients.

The Office
The new minimalist digs; needs an un-minimalist chair though...

So forgive me if this blog seems a little self serving in future. After all, I got to get paid don’t I? And trust me, one of the hardest things for me to do is to write about myself.

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be as bad as the work I did for the toilet seat guys.

P.S.    For some of you, this may be your first glance at my rants; enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts. Cheers!