Let’s Make It Work

Marketing Made Simple

It is the simplest of strategies and tactics that often make the greatest impact.
The objective is to SELL, with a combination of potent copywriting,
engaging visuals and astute understanding of your target market,
along with clear insights of your business.

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So here we are again. Another lockdown, albeit less restrictive, yet still is a cause for concern for the majority of businesses in the Klang Valley. The economy is being
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Why So Emo, Copywriter?

You know, as a copywriter I have always felt that my profession very much resembles our day-to-day, emotion-filled lives. I mean, the copywriting art of creating intent and thereafter convincing
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Marketing Automation Fail

Have you guys encountered the talking parking fee machine? You know, the one that keeps repeating the obvious to oblivion. “Please insert your parking card” “Please pay your fee by
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