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And So It Begins…

2020 has been pretty rough for most, if not all of us. This is the year that started bright and full of optimism. And before we could seriously hit the
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Uninspired or not bothered? Busy or lazy? Attention-deficit or not-up-for-it? Family-first or Netflix thirst? Risk averse or glut of guts?                    
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Life Took Control

Well hey, it’s been a 3-year hiatus since my last post. I blame myself to be honest, for not keeping this sorry excuse for a copywriting blog up-to-date. You see,
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Copywriter Turned Consultant

Well, as eventful as it was, 2015 whizzed by like a speeding train. In fact, my almost 5-year stint as a fulltime freelancer has gone by as if I was
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Seeing is Convincing

Okay. Sometimes, I can be quite biased. Just because I’m a copywriter, I tend to dismiss the other critical element of a great piece of marketing communication – the visual.
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