Unbelievably Terminated

I did it. Yes sir I terminated it. I maxed out my relationship with Maxis and am now a follower of the yellow man. But something unexpected happened at the Maxis centre today.

I was ready for a tedious, long and unpleasant process of terminating my broadband account. In fact, I was just waiting to be ticked off by someone so I could vent my anger and give them a piece of my mind in eloquent ‘French’. I walked into the Maxis centre ready for war almost. Hoping, just hoping, they would make the mistake of asking me:

Why are you terminating your account sir?

You have been terminated
"Ghette hout, ghette hout... you ahff bheen ther-minh-nah-ted"

But it did not come to be. Instead, I was treated better at Maxis centre today than I ever was as a customer. I did not need to take a number nor stand in line nor be subject to any scrutiny. I kid you not. There were like at least 20 or so people who were waiting, but I was ushered straight to an empty counter as if I was a VIP.

I was out of there in roughly five minutes! I got out so fast, that some of the waiting customers gave me dagger like looks for somehow obtaining special treatment. It felt as if Maxis were gleefully processing termination of accounts because they had way too many customers.

Actually, I am glad for the pleasant experience I had at the Maxis centre. It was surely a refreshing change than when I had to wait for more than an hour to apply for supplementary lines.

But something’s not right you know. Shouldn’t they treat customers the way they treated me today? Hey… I’m not complaining. What’s done is done. It’s just strange that my best experience with Maxis is when I went to terminate my account. Unbelievable!


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  1. you moved to DIGI? oh wow!!!! didnt know maxis had gotten that dire. you ve been with maxis like – forever. hope they dont disappoint as well. for some reason telecommunication companies remind me of politicians, they all sound the same, and not much different one from the other, and most importantly, ALL CROOKS! ( sorry, frustration. recently changed my provider as well )

    • yeah telcos… they’re too busy trying to outdo each other that they don’t realise they’re neglecting customers. i think telcos are worst than politicians; at least politiciants don’t bill you monthly and you see them only once in every 4 years or so 😉

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