Wah! So Cheap Arrr…?

Remember the time when you saw something you always wanted at an incredibly cheap price; then after a few moments decided not to buy it?

Here are probably some of the thoughts that ran through your mind:

“Are these knockoffs”?
“Maybe these are rejected goods”?
“Damn! This thing is obsolete already”?
“Hmmm… would it last beyond the warranty period”?
“Don’t I recognize the shopkeeper from Petaling Street”?

The best price isn't always the cheapest...

I bet this has happened to all of us – be it for something as simple as groceries or for more pricier items like electronic gadgets – time and time again.

Aren’t getting things on the cheap supposed to be the crowning glory for a society built on consumerism? Apparently not.

A 2011 survey by Nielsen, which covered 25,000 respondents in 51 countries show that 61% of global online consumers rated “good value” over “low price” when shopping.

Even in a tough economy people prefer value, which often means the ability of a product of service to deliver up to expectations, over saving money and being uncertain.

People often ask me how much I charge for copywriting. I tell them it depends on the project, timeline, research required, materials provided and also quantity.

Some prospective clients think I charge too much, and others think I’m quite reasonable. And very few think I’m cheap.

I haven’t done a single job to the ones that thought I was cheap. Something to think about perhaps…

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