Where is the love?

Love for the brand seems suicidal
Love for the brand seems suicidal

Do clients realise what they are doing? Do they know the kind of repercussion it has when they set a ridiculous deadline? Don’t they know that the agency/client relationship is a two-way lane?

Are they doing it intentionally? Those irrational amendments, the last minute change of direction and the sudden additional information that screws up the whole layout. Are those petty, trivial, tiny, obscure comments to show whose in-charge even necessary?

Okay, just for the benefit of the doubt. Clients do have loads on their plates too. ROI, reports, post mortems, justification, analysis, sales, meetings, bosses, big bosses and many more responsibilities to shoulder. But does that give them the right to take it out on agencies.

Yes, we’ve heard of the customer/client is always right adage. But we do not sell a product and then forget about it. We are in the consultancy business, which often means full-time involvement. We’re in it for the long run, to grow together, to share the ups and downs… to essentially be a part of the brand.

It is that difficult to realise that we, the agency folks, are consumers too? We eat, buy clothes, go to the mall, own cars, get married, buy a house, plan finances, invest, have children, travel and do pretty much everything ‘civilian’ consumers do. We have our needs, wants and aspirations too. We, the marketing errand boys are in effect clients of our clients, now or perhaps in future.

If we start hating a particular client, we start to hate their brand. This kind of hate, is usually the one that lasts a lifetime. Even the brands we used to like suddenly doesn’t appeal to us anymore. And if we hate a particular brand, how on earth can we make others adore it?

Please guys, give us due respect. Nobody likes to be told how to do their job. Yes, we may screw up occasionally, but it’s part of the leaning process. We really, genuinely want the finest for your brand. If possible, we want to be in love with your brand: to honour, understand and cherish it. If we work for a brand we love, it means you’re getting the best from us.

Let’s make some love shall we?


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  1. Ain’t that God’s honest truth! I do get the issues and pressure that clients face but I will never get the ease of chucking it all on our shoulders.
    I provide the best I can for clients and expect my people to do the same but, when I receive absurd demands and am slagged off for being unable to fulfill those demands, I find it hard not to take issue.
    Many clients have this ‘ad factory’ mindset in that they assume we are like factories which produce and produce non-stop, not requiring time for rest, family or anything not work-related. Public holidays and weekends are not for us because they pay us. Things can wait till the eleventh hour because we can make it happen.
    Shit happens. Long hours are part and parcel. But a little bit of consideration wouldn’t hurt.

    • Haha… ‘ad factory’ kinda encapsulates the whole situation. The studio does seem like a production line sometimes…

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