Why I Turn Down Jobs

Most freelancers will shudder at this thought, especially newly-minted freelance copywriters like myself. But it is a necessary evil for the greater good.

But let me make this clear – I don’t like turning down jobs.

Tick tock clock
If I spend all the time writing; who's gonna do the thinking?

Not just because of the lost income, but I also feel rather guilty. Opportunities don’t come easy these days because honestly, times aren’t great.  I often feel like I have let myself down. Maybe I should work doubly hard and cram every job I can get into my schedule.

Yes, in the Malaysia Boleh spirit, maybe I should do just that.

But then again, there is only so much I can do before the quality of my work starts to suffer. While pitching for new business and engaging new opportunities are critical for survival; I do not want to let down my existing clients either.

I have written something call the ‘Mamak Stall Syndrome’ a while back. It was about how local food stall operators often forget about you as soon as you take a seat, because they’re busy pulling in more customers.

The thing is I already have a few good clients sitting in my shop. And for me, keeping them happy is as equally important as finding new clients.

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  1. Hi,
    I am a freelance writer. Have you experienced finishing a job but the client won’t pay?
    Who do I go to (gov agency) to make a formal complaint?
    Appreciate it if you can share your experience esp if you have had similar experience

    • Hey Gan,

      Great to see you here!

      Well, thankfully, I have yet to work for a client that hasn’t paid me. But it is a common industry problem, and the fact that we freelancers have very little protection makes it worse. Sadly though, there’s not much we can do. Unless you want to engage a lawyer, which will probably be not worth the time, effort and money. I guess it’s the cost of doing business. Sorry couldn’t help, and I hope you get paid… just keep pestering the client!

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