‘LOL’ is now a Word… Officially!

How do you know when you are old? When ‘chat speak’ become entries in the Oxford dictionary.

Along with other online acronyms, the ‘Heart Symbol’ is also now recognized as a… errr… word, which is the first graphical entry in the dictionary’s 127-year history. Have the dudes at Oxford finally gone bonkers after years of toiling for the advancement of the English language?

Obsolote Oxford
I guess my Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is now obsolete... damn!

I understand for the need for staying current, but ‘LOL’ is a phrase for crying out loud. And the ‘Heart Symbol’ … how the heck do you even pronounce it? So the keyboard of the future may have the ‘Heart Symbol’, just like how we have ‘&’ for ‘and’.

I don’t know why I feel strongly about this. Perhaps, my years as a toe-the-grammar-line-copywriter have turned me into a traditionalist. Or maybe just the common sense that dictionaries are for freaking words.

In any case, the children of the future are going to have a tough time defining ‘Lolled’. Go figure kids!

FYI… ‘OMG’, ‘WAGS’ and ‘FYI’ (pardon the repetition) made the cut too.


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  1. likes this one…. now i officially admit that i AM old…. hahaha…. was so confused (even thought that 1 who used LOL is so stupid…. ) cos i didnt know wtf was that mean…. now, somebody did gave me some of the chat word lesson…. hahahahah…. LOL!!

    *ok, what is WAGS by the way?

    • hey intan… yes we are becoming advanced adults (old sounds so… errr… old). don’t worry WTF will make it in the next revision i’m sure. btw… WAGS is Wives And GirlfriendS… referring to the wifes and gfs of footballers in england… google it!

  2. owh yes, i read bout it before (WAGS)… never bothered at all.. WTF was the 1st lesson for sure.. (and being commonly used recently…..)

  3. ah yess… thanks to usher for the song too…. OMG…

    • haha… yeah… soon everything will be abbreviated… btul x? 😉

  4. then all novels will start with OUAT and ends with ATLHEA…. who invented the abbreviation anyway?? penat2 je balajar english…. hahahaha

    • hahaha… you still reading fairy tales? i dont know who invented abbreviations; but im sure he was a short dude… 😉

  5. got 2 kids, remember?

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