Playing Hard to Get Aren’t You?

It’s okay. I like a good challenge.







But if you got this far, then it would not be too farfetched for me to say that you feel something is lacking in your marketing efforts. Perhaps one of these:

  • Not insightful enough – too much fluff
  • Your target customers still prefer the competition
  • Messaging and proposition inconsistent or off-brand
  • Not focused and lack sales-to-marketing synergy
  • High attrition at point-of-sale

Just think about that. If you feel you got it all covered, then congrats! Truly, I’m impressed and maybe we can have a chat to share thoughts and ideas.

But if there is a marketing-brain-itch that you can’t seem to scratch, I could probably help, or not. Still no harm in having that chat – obligations-free.

No pressure though. I may not fit your requirements now, but no one knows what the future holds. I’ll still be here, helping businesses build authentic, insightful and sales-driven marketing momentum.

However, please know that I can only take in limited projects at any one time to maintain the quality of my services and the sanity of myself. Salute!

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