Evolve or Die

Remember the time when you knew at least a couple of bootleg DVD sellers in your neigbourhood and thought you were getting a bargain?

Remember the time when the trendiest of us used to wear our mobile phones around our necks?

Remember the time when compact discs were supposed to make our lives easier for being able to store up to roughly 20 tracks?

Looks like the only difference between man and ape is technology...

Remember the time when you had to actually dial-up to connect to the internet and pay like 3 Ringgits per hour for it?

Remember the time when keeping in-touch meant calling someone maybe once or twice a month?

Remember the time when we read newspapers or magazines and played solitaire or minesweeper to keep ourselves occupied in the office?

Remember the time when we kept our thoughts to ourselves and wished others would understand us?

Remember the time when I was just a copywriter?

Some things evolve for the better, so have I to a certain extent. And I sure hope this is an evolution for the better as I have already stared death in its face… the slow death of aimless employment.

The result of this evolution? Only time will tell.


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  1. Remember when making friends meant actual physical interaction and real life conversation not just writing on walls, clicking on ‘Add Friend’ and the ‘Like’ button?

    Cheers to your evolution.
    Jeers to having 1,096 Facebook friends.

    You’ll do just fine. 🙂

    • Indeed Charlene, some things are of course still best when done the good ol’ way. Thanks for your encouragement…

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