Why It Cost 1.8 Million for 6 Facebook Pages

Here are the real secrets why the agency that developed the Facebook pages charged such a ridiculous amount…

  1. Because the client only opens 1 counter during peak hours
  2. Because the client went for coffee at 10.45am, then lunch at 1pm and the tea at 3.45pm
  3. Because they had to complete Borang FB/003/11, Borang FB/112/14A and submit along with photocopies of their IC, Audited Accounts and Birth Certificate
  4. Because the system was downlah!
  5. Because the Person in Charge Cuti Bersalin
Why 1.8 Mil?
The question is why they like to throw our money down the drain?

6.   Because the Nombor Giliran for today has finished
7.   Because this issue can only settle in Putrajaya
8.   Because the approval process takes at least 2 to 4 weeks
9.   Because someone wore a short-sleeve blouse

And the top reason why it cost 1.8 million for 6 Facebook pages *Drumroll*

10. Because each e-mail sent and received cost the agency 50 sen

If I had to go through all of the above, I’d freaking charge 2 million… per page! But for my dear readers, I’ll do it for RM59.95… interested?

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  1. Don’t talk about the cost yet (in fact Dr. NgYY explained is including advertising cost – STD ANS) , just explain to us why they needs 6 Facebook pages for the Malaysia Tourism? Can’t they consolidate all-in-1 to have a bigger impact? What kind of branding they wan to do when it is all about a common purpose – Visit Malaysia!

    • Haha! You are right Kang. I wondered myself the need for 6 pages…

  2. An now on Jeopardy. Ng Yen Yen. For RM1.8 Million.
    Who is Malaysia’s Sarah Palin?

    Hey there Jay. Sorry its been awhile. Congrats on your new gig. 🙂 Nothing like doing for yourself eh?

    • Hey Charlene… good to have you back. We’re all fighting for a piece of the pie aren’t we? But some people just get it way too easy. The new gig is great as I’m rather busy now, which for once, is a good thing! 😉 Hope you’ve been keeping well…

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