Lights, Camera… Call to Act!

The concept is mind-blowing. The art direction will make one cry. The copy could sell a bootleg DVD to a Unifi user. But if you disregard what should be the superstar of any piece of communication, then even the greatest creative could become B-grade.

This critical ad element is called a Call-to-Action; and you’re losing potential customers if you don’t have a strong one.

Call to Act Kid
Believe it or not, consumers want to be told what to do. Dance boy, dance... ACTION!

The purpose of almost all marketing communications is to make people do something: call, SMS, walk-in, log-on, click or purchase. The thing is if you want someone to take a specific action, you actually have to ask them to take that specific action.

Yes, this belief is borne from my many years as a direct response copywriter. But here are recent researches on the matter to help illustrate why a strong call-to-act is important:

1. A research done by Marketing Sherpa to their e-newsletter readers show that a specific call-to-act increased response by over 8%.

Click-through Rates on different Call-to-acts:

“Click to Continue” = 8.35%
“Continue to Article” = 3.3%
“Read More” = -1.8%

2.  A research done by University of Connecticut asked 2 groups of people to mail back a stack of 30 post cards, 1 each for 30 days.

The first group was given the request while under hypnosis
The second group were just asked nicely

The result? The second group mailed back more postcards, which goes to prove that people will usually do as they are asked; as long as you ask nicely of course.

And this is true across all media; be it print, TV, web, social, radio, BTL, POS and what-have-you. Clear, powerful calls-to-action can make or break a campaign.

Ask and you shall be given. Now share this post with a zillion people, please? Don’t make me hypnotize you!