The Revolution Pt.1

The revolution will not be advertised.

The revolution will not make the art director swear any more than he already does. It will not make him tell his children (if he ever has a social life to have any) never to become a designer. It will not make him make revisions just to get the job out of the way. It will not make him want to claw his eyeballs out when the clients wants the creative to be more colourful. It will not make him tired, spent and suicidal by the time he is 35.

The revolution will not make the copywriter thinking of becoming a chef. It will not make him stay up late writing lame scripts and short stories. It will not make him regurgitate copy written for another client about 2 years ago. It will not make him a go-to guy to write proposals, letters, memos and whatnot. It will not cause excessive substance abuse to calm frayed nerves. It will not make him contemplate a move to the ‘other side’.

The revolution will not make the creative director re-hash the same concept over again for different clients. It will not make him think that things were better and the new blood are all shit. It will not make him sacrifice great ideas for client preference. It will not make him want to open a quiet little pub with his life savings. It will not put him through the misery of another pitch where his team is just there to make up the numbers. It will not make him curse the client behind their backs.

The revolution will not be advertised, because the revolution is alive.

To be continued… by the way, no gender bias intended.


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  1. Hi. It’s me again. Been a while but time has not been on my side lately. Interesting. I am keen on the continuation of this revolution. By the way, no gender bias felt.

  2. Hey again!

    Indeed, with the way things are, even I wonder where I find the time to get my ramble on. Hopefully, time will be kinder to you – and me – in future.

    The revolution will continue as soon as I find some inspiration, and the much illusive time of course. Just felt that this post was rather incomplete when I finished writing it.

    Good to hear from you again… cheers!

  3. Hey…from one addy to another, I need an opinion. Which Malaysian agencies do you think are the best? As in worthy contenders? And for the small/medium ones, which ranks high with you? Am just curious.

  4. Hmmm… i’m afraid I do not have an answer to your question. You may have heard the saying “you are only as good as your last campaign”… this applies to agencies in Malaysia as well.

    The big boys in Malaysia tend to ride on their international credibility and persona, whereas the smaller players are more inclined to get as many jobs in to generate income.

    At the end of the day, it depends which agency helps fulfill your career progression and also whether you feel comfortable with the agency’s culture. I am only assuming you are asking this in case you decide to venture into greener pastures.

    I’ve worked in small/medium agencies all my life. Hence the not-so-accurate answer to your question. I really don’t judge on matters that I am not sure about. Hope this helps though.


    P.S. Why ask if I may know?

  5. If/when I leave my current job, I can safely say I shan’t be in this line a second longer. Maybe venture into writing but certainly not ad work.
    I was curious because I like to mooch around ad agencies websites. Rather than look at bigger sites that I simply cannot relate to, (No self-indulgent pencils and apples for me..thank you.) I would like to see what my peer agencies are up to. So I wondered if you had a few favs worth me ‘kaypoh-ing’ that’s all.

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