You know you’ve been in advertising for too long when…

Yes, it’s been a while. Work as usual has been coming thick and fast, and hence the mini hiatus. Anyway, this busyness business got me thinking. All these work and briefs and copy and clients are making me feel I’ve been doing this for far too long. And hence the following been-there-done-that points to ponder…

  1. You actually know how a SyQuest Drive looks.
  2. Cows remind you of a certain type of adhesive.
  3. You think Ronson lighter fluid cures all.
  4. You have a neat collection of mounting boards, cutters, double-sided tape and spray mount nicked from the office for personal use.
  5. You realise you haven’t seen an actual illustrator (a person) for yonks.
  6. You start to notice that clients get younger and younger and younger.
  7. You still subscribe to the print version of ADOI.
  8. You look at newbies and think “aren’t they in for a hell of a ride?”, then give them a sinister smile.
  9. You know almost half of all the colour separators, printers and translators in town.
  10. You know a client that has changed jobs 5 times and still keeps in touch.
  11. You start to pick out other ad-sters in a crowded mall just to kill time.
  12. You actually know the difference between AAAA and MAA.
  13. You get irritated by the ads on TV more than anyone else.
  14. You own 15 pairs of jeans, of which you wear only 3 to 4 pairs.
  15. You are an addict of one or more of the following: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and the worst… work!

P.S.    Damn I feel ancient!


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  1. Hey…true enough. I get this completely! My boss and I are at odds about some things. I’d like an opinion if you have the time.

    • Time has been a premium of late… but I’ll do my best. Shoot…

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