Consumed by Consumerism

As an ad worker, I am a proponent of consumerism. I am supposed to embrace capitalism. The art of selling should be second nature. But sometimes – after being in the industry for so long – I wonder if I’ve gone too far.

We are a species so obsessed with consuming that we’ve forgotten to get by with just the essentials: water, food, shelter, clothes and companion. Extravagance is applauded and moderateness is frowned upon.

The divides are getting wider: rich/poor, educated/illiterate, obese/malnourished, connected/nobody and so on.

Camel Pack
Sometimes, it's okay to make fun of what you do...

The industrial revolution that started almost 200 years ago still oils the gears of society. We are devouring through natural resources much faster than it can be replenished. We’ve almost depleted fossil fuel reserves. We’re developing every bit of land for a profit.

We humans have become the virus of the earth.

As a freelance copywriter, I am only another piece of the puzzle in a society built on consumerism. Even if you are not in advertising, you are working for a business; which is selling something.  And when there are sellers there are buyers.

Admit it; nothing makes us happier that having a client or customer that buys more, and more and more.

When will this mindless consumption stop? This addiction to consuming is seemingly insatiable. We are buying ourselves to death.

I know, not the kind of stuff I should be writing about. But no harm in keeping a worldly perspective. I am after all a Libran… balance is everything. Woooosaaahhh…

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