Top Half!

My first post on this blog was on the 3rd of January 2010. I didn’t really have an objective for starting this blog, except to vent my frustrations and have somewhat an online presence.

Along the way I renewed my primary objective; which was to move up the Google page results ranking.After much trial and error, hits and misses, and 562 days; here’s where I am…

Yup, I made it to the Top Half (or position 5) for the keywords “Copywriter + Malaysia”. I did make Page 1 some time ago; but breaking the Top Half proved a challenge. It does feel good now that I’m here.

But we all know Google rankings are unstable; which was why I wanted to capture the moment before I get sent back down to reality.

Hmmm… maybe it’s time to renew my objective once again. Top spot perhaps? Watch out Tim Yang… I’m coming for you!


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  1. Haha…this is how I discovered your blog initially (if my memory serves me correctly) Still, one of the more interesting and true-to-life blogs on copywriting I’ve seen. Cheers!

    • Thanks Charlene… you are one of my honorary readers. There aren’t many of them… for real! Haha… cheers!

  2. u should frame it la…. hahaha

    • hmmm… never thought about doing that. if i ever make it to No.1… definitely!

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